On January 12 in San Francisco, WuXi hosted our 4th Annual WuXi Global Forum – A Celebration of Global Partnerships.   This year’s WuXi Global Forum opened to a packed house, bringing our collaborators and industry executives from more than 750 companies and institutions around the world to celebrate our industry’s recent achievements and discuss the implications for the future.  We created a short video to capture the highlights of the event:



Since the first WuXi Global Forum in 2013, we have been a spring to harness the power of global insights and global connectivity through the Forum to foster new ideas and collaborations towards addressing the complex innovation and business challenges and opportunities unique to our industry.  Building upon the successes of the past forums, WuXi Global Forum 2016 continued to move the conversation forward to promote new thinking on a global stage as we strive to find better solutions for patients.  The event featured an impressive lineup of speakers and a vibrant program of panels on The Future of Medicine and Beyond, Venture Investing Today and Tomorrow and China – The New Horizon.  Focal discussions are the ever-expanding ecosystem with prominent roles played by innovators, open platforms, investors, and patients groups, the convergence of industries to redefine diseases and healthcare in new and profound ways, and most importantly the priceless value of global collaborations that have led to more personalized  solutions for improved patient care worldwide.   The Forum was held concurrently with the 34th JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, one of the premier meetings of its kind drawing a global community interested in the innovations, ideas, and individuals bringing momentum in the biotechnology and healthcare industry. The event was supported by our partners WuXi Healthcare Ventures, BayHelix, BioCentury, Biocom, BioWorld, ChinaBio, CLSA, FierceBiotech, Informa, QB3.

We would like to thank all our partners and outstanding panel speakers for their support leading up to and during the WuXi Global Forum.


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