Big Data and Genomics Meet the Cloud: the First Unified Global Platform for Precision Medicine

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WuXi NextCODE partners with DNAnexus

We are pleased to share with you that WuXi NextCODE Genomics and DNAnexus, the leader in cloud-base genome informatics and data management, have formed a strategic alliance that aims to accelerate the use of genomics to benefit patients worldwide.

With WuXi NextCODE’s unique genomic database model and clinical and research interfaces directly available on the DNAnexus cloud, users will be able to store and interpret their sequence data and collaborate with colleagues around the world through one platform. The new partnership will also provide and host the same platform and capabilities within China, in full compliance with local regulations. Users will be able to use their genomic data seamlessly in tandem with the open access capability and technology platform that WuXi offers to the global pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and medical device industry.

Together with DNAnexus, we will:

  • Bring cloud-based genomics to China and Chinese genomics to the world
  • Speed the development and delivery of sequence-based diagnostics worldwide
  • Expand research with collaborations and datasets of unprecedented scope and size
  • Streamline the development of personalized medicine and companion diagnostics
  • Leverage WuXi’s leading genomics and R&D through DNAnexus’ global cloud

This alliance with DNAnexus will fuel innovation across the science and business of genomics, and make our collective capabilities even more valuable to the range of our customers on four continents.  This will transform the way large-scale sequence data is applied, underpin virtual diagnostics enterprises, breakthroughs in rare disease and the rapid advance of more targeted, personalized medicine.  By connecting through a compliant cloud everything from CLIA sequencing to drug discovery and development to companion diagnostics, we are empowering clinicians, institutions and life science companies to use genomics to benefit patients more globally and effectively than ever before.


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