Monday, January 27, 2020
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Inhibikase Developing Revolutionary Therapy to Reverse the Course of Parkinson’s Disease

Celebrated scientist and biotech entrepreneur Milton Werner believes that several key studies and recent research have revolutionized understanding of the biochemistry underlying the Parkinson’s disease process. In fact, his company, Inhibikase Therapeutics, Inc., is taking a risk-reducing approach to CNS drug development by leveraging established...

The Game-Changing Potential of Targeting RNA with Small Molecules: More Than Turning the Undruggable to Druggable

By Rich Soll, Senior Advisor, Strategic Initiatives, WuXi AppTec (@richsollwx) Once considered impossible, targeting RNA with small molecules has the potential to be a game-changer. It’s convincing enough to industry veteran Michael Gilman, who essentially came out of “retirement” after he sold Padlock Therapeutics to...

RNA-Focused Drug Development Emerging as a Dominant Treatment Modality

The surging scientific excitement surrounding RNA therapeutics is a little like realizing you can pick fruit off a tree without cutting it down, or pick a flower without uprooting the plant. In other words, RNA therapeutics manipulate the translation of genetic instructions as opposed to...

Harnessing Science for the Most Neglected Diseases

By Rich Soll, VP of Research Service Division at WuXi AppTec (@richsollwx)  “Some of these diseases are rapidly fatal, cause huge loss of life, and have a huge impact on people’s lives. Often these are diseases that have attracted little research and attention and certainly...

SAGE Therapeutics on Fast Track towards CNS Cures

This month's Innovation that Matters (ITM) features Albert J. Robichaud, Ph.D., chief scientific officer of Cambridge, Mass.-based SAGE Therapeutics, which is developing next-generation medicines for the treatment of rare and life-threatening central nervous system (CNS) disorders.  CNS disorders represent 35 percent of the worldwide...




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WuXi Advanced Therapies Launches New World-Class AAV Vector Suspension Platform

New AAV Vector Suspension platform complements integrated capabilities – enabling cell and gene therapies to be developed, manufactured, and released faster and with greater...