Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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A New Weapon to Fight Breast Cancer

Congratulations to Pfizer for receiving accelerated approval for its investigational new drug, IBRANCE to treat advanced breast cancer from the U.S. FDA on February 3.  IBRANCE is an inhibitor of cyclin-dependent kinase 4/6 (CDK4/6) involved in promoting the growth of cancer cells. IBRANCE is...

MaxCyte: Driving New Generation of Cell-Based Medicines

Cell therapy offers a treasure chest of new medicines, but there is still much to learn about cell activities and how to deliver these potential benefits before science and the industry can fully fulfill on their promise. One of cell therapy’s earliest pioneering companies...

Biotech Trade Associations Play Integral Role in Building Global ‘Bioeconomies’

Biotechnology industry trade associations are key players in the global drug development ecosystem. They are advocates for an industry working to make sense of a complex science within the regulatory and ethical norms of their nations to meet the public’s demand for a longer...

Inside Perspectives: Will Immunotherapy Knock Out Cancer?

The answer is yes, and no. Advances in just the past five years have proven immunotherapy can stimulate the immune system’s natural capabilities to kill cancer cells, and possibly lead to cures for many patients. So yes, it appears immunotherapy is the best weapon yet...

Repositioning Existing Small Molecule Drugs an Important Element of New Drug Discovery

Despite all the media attention on biologics and cell and gene therapies, Arnab Chatterjee, Ph.D., vice president of medicinal chemistry for Calibr at Scripps Research Institute, believes that small molecules still offer drug makers a faster route to new medicines for patients. Chatterjee – who...




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