Sunday, September 27, 2020
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Kineta Developing Non-Opioid Pain Drug That Does More Than Just “Mask” the Problem

While the entire US is facing an opioid abuse crisis costing thousands of lives and billions in healthcare costs, only a handful of drug research companies have been working overtime to develop alternative, non-addictive chronic pain therapies. Most of them are relatively small biotech...

Ecosystem Builder: Accelerating the Translation of Promising University Research for Human Health

By Rich Soll, Senior Advisor, Strategic Initiatives at WuXi AppTec (@richsollwx) Crossing the “valley of death” between discovery and development has been a longtime leap between university labs and the commercial market. For the past decade, the Blavatnik Biomedical Accelerator at Harvard University has been...

Blaze Bioscience Shines a Light on Tumor Cells to Guide Pediatric Brain Cancer Surgeons

Blaze Bioscience is literally lighting the way for cancer surgeons to remove children’s brain tumors without harming their healthy neural tissues. The company is developing drugs that use optimized CDPs, also called cystine-dense miniproteins, derived from natural organisms such...

Hua Medicine Breaking New Ground

This month's Innovation That Matters features an interview Dr. Li Chen, CEO of Hua Medicine.  Chen and his colleagues at Hua had much to celebrate in November as their novel Type II diabetes treatment entered clinical trials in China. This milestone marks the first case in China...

Avalon Venture’s Jay Lichter Discusses COI, Community of Innovation, a Different Way for Drug Discovery and Development

By Rich Soll, Senior Advisor, Strategic Initiatives, WuXi AppTec (@richsollwx) and WuXi AppTec Content Team Tucked away in the life science corridor of San Diego’s famed Torrey Pines Road is an unconventional incubator with an unconventional name, COI Pharmaceuticals....




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