Tuesday, October 20, 2020

WuXi NextCODE in Bloomberg on Ending a 30-year Diagnostic Odyssey in Three Weeks

Claritas genomics Jackie Smith
WuXi NextCODE is featured in a Bloomberg Businessweek article on a story of how big-data approach to genomics has helped a patient affected with rare disease end her thirty-year diagnostic odyssey in three weeks.  When Jackie Smith was 3-years-old, doctors had told her parents...

British Biotech Industry Aims to Keep Regulatory Alignment with EU Since Brexit Vote, but Also Eyes China Market

The challenges faced by drug developers can be unique in different countries, which may have various regulatory and approvals processes, reimbursement policies and access to investment capital. Working alongside these companies are national biotech and pharmaceutical trade groups which work as partners to help...

Drug Makers Developing Non-Opioid Pain Alternatives to Battle the Opioid Epidemic

The biopharmaceutical industry, recognizing the role of prescription opioids in the epidemic of addiction gripping the US, has launched efforts to address the crisis by developing non-opioid alternatives for pain. However, experts contend companies will need help if they are to succeed in weaning...

TDI Serves as a Bridge Between Academia and Industry, Leveraging All It Needs for Innovation

By Rich Soll, Senior Advisor, Strategic Initiatives, WuXi AppTec (@richsollwx) and WuXi AppTec Content Team The translation of academic discoveries into therapeutic products remains an issue despite passage of the Bayh-Dole Act (or Patent and Trademark Law Amendments...

Divide & Conquer Seeks to Disrupt Cell Communication in New Therapeutic Approach to Glioblastoma

WuXi AppTec Communications strives to find the latest cutting-edge technologies that can potentially offer new treatments for unmet medical diseases. Glioblastoma, a cancer of the brain, ranks high on the intractable disease list. A brand new biotech company, Divide...




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