Monday, January 27, 2020

Foghorn® Therapeutics’ Gene Traffic Control Product™ Platform: Regulating Gene Expression to Fight Intractable Disease

By Rich Soll, Senior Advisor, Strategic Initiatives, WuXi AppTec (@richsollwx) and WuXi AppTec Content Team One of the wonders of nature is how our DNA is compressed over a million times to fit into the nucleus of each...

Oncoceutics Hopes to Develop the First Effective Drug for High-Grade Glioma by Blocking Dopamine from Feeding the Deadly Cancer’s Growth

High-grade glioma is a deadly brain cancer with no effective long-term treatments, typically leaving children and adults with less than two years to live following diagnosis. Oncoceutics Inc. is tackling this challenge with a new investigational drug, ONC201, which...

Salarius Believes Children Should Not Be Left Behind in the Fight Against Cancer

Many pharmaceutical and biotech companies shy away from pediatric drug development. While the genomic revolution has resulted in scores of new cancer treatments for adults, children suffering from cancer have been left behind. It takes a spirit of determined commitment to real...

DelMar Developing Drug to Cross the Blood Brain Barrier to Treat Deadly Glioblastoma Disease

Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) is the most common and most lethal form of brain cancer. GBM affects an estimated 12,000 new patients each year in the US alone. The median survival in newly diagnosed patients with the best available treatments is 20.5 months.

Paving the Way to a New Generation of CNS Drugs: Karuna CEO Steve Paul, Neuroscience’s Renaissance Physician, Psychiatrist, Neuroscientist and Executive

By Rich Soll, Senior Advisor, Strategic Initiatives, WuXi AppTec (@richsollwx) and WuXi AppTec Content Team There are few who have Steve Paul’s perspective, experience and track-record in the neurosciences. A former scientific director at the NIMH/NIH, Paul was...




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WuXi Advanced Therapies Launches New World-Class AAV Vector Suspension Platform

New AAV Vector Suspension platform complements integrated capabilities – enabling cell and gene therapies to be developed, manufactured, and released faster and with greater...