We are pleased to announce that we have launched the China Precision Medicine Cloud with Huawei  and WuXi NextCODE at a ceremony in Shanghai. This platform brings together three unique elements: Huawei’s industry-leading capabilities and national network for cloud computing; the globally recognized medical innovation expertise of WuXiAppTec; and the unrivalled competence of its subsidiary WuXiNextCODE in organizing, mining and sharing genomics big data.

The technology in this platform underpins data infrastructure across China and the largest and most advanced precision medicine projects around the world–from national genome projects to gene discovery, clinical diagnostics, targeted pharmaceutical development and scientific wellness. It will link scientific excellence and data from across China through a secure nationwide network and governmental, medical, academic and industry collaborations.

We are focused on unlocking the full potential of precision medicine in China.  The China Precision Medicine Cloud aims to harness unique strengths to accelerate innovation. This collaboration is a direct extension of the WuXi’s commitment to services with high clinical impact, leveraging big data to create the one kind of value that matters: benefit for people and patients.


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