We are pleased to share with you that our partner and WuXi Venture Fund portfolio company Novira Therapeutics has agreed to be acquired by Johnson & Johnson.  Novira’s lead compound, NVR 3-778, is a small-molecule, direct-acting antiviral for oral administration in patients with hepatitis B virus (HBV).  The compound inhibits the HBV core or capsid protein a novel and promising drug target because it is involved in multiple activities required for viral replication and persistence.  HBV infection afflicts about 350 million people worldwide, and currently approved treatments rarely result in a cure.  WuXi provided integrated medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, DMPK, ADME and toxicology services for NVR 3-778 that contributed to its rapid preclinical progression and selection as a clinical candidate.  WuXi Venture Fund invested in Novira in August 2012.  We are proud to have played a part in Novira’s journey of bringing innovation antiviral drugs closer to patients and we wish Novira’s programs continued success.


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