Delivering on the Promise of New Modalities: WuXi AppTec Interview Series

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As part of WuXi AppTec’s ongoing efforts to collaboratively foster new thinking and actionable approaches in advancing breakthroughs for patients, we have launched a new interview series in 2022 – “Delivering on the Promise of New Modalities” – so leading voices of R&D can share how their approaches are addressing the barriers standing in the way of breakthroughs.

Maria Luisa Pineda

CEO and Co-founder, Envisagenics; Secretary, The Alliance for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

SJ Lee

CEO, Orum Therapeutics

Christopher Thanos

President, CEO & Co-Founder, Actym Therapeutics

Zachary Hornby
President & CEO, Boundless Bio

Nikole Kimes
CEO & Co-Founder, Siolta Therapeutics

Reagan Jarvis
Co-Founder & CEO, Anocca AB

Geoff Hamilton
Co-Founder & CEO, Stemson Therapeutics

Yann Chong Tan
Founder & CEO, Nuevocor

George Wu
Co-Founder & CEO, Amberstone Biosciences

Andrea van Elsas
CSO, Abata Therapeutics

Elvire Gouze
CEO & Founder, Innoskel SAS, France

Mark Frohlich
CEO, Indapta Therapeutics

Karen Kozarsky
Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, SwanBio Therapeutics

James McArthur
President & CEO, PepGen

Daniel Getts
CEO, Co-Founder & Board Director, Myeloid Therapeutics

Amber Van Laar
VP Clinical Development, AskBio

Kunwoo Lee
CEO, GenEdit

Ray Tabibiazar
CEO & Chairman, SalioGen Therapeutics

David Main
President & CEO, Notch Therapeutics

Susan Dillon
CEO, Aro Biotherapeutics

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