Drug development is a complex, highly regulated and lengthy process that requires well-planned strategies for global, regional and local product development. Asian countries such as China are among the fastest growing healthcare markets. By capitalizing on local research, development, manufacturing and regulatory know-how, companies can design and execute effective China, Pan-Asian and global action plans.

On June 17 during the BIO International Convention, WuXi’s VP of Corporate Alliances, Dr. Hui Cai, will host a panel discussion on opportunities and challenges in product development in China and Asia.  The panel session “Demystifying Product Development and Market Access in China and Asia” will focus on China’s market potential and competitive landscape, effective approaches to navigate regulations for global registrations and regulatory expectations of the CFDA.  Panelists include Li Chen, President and CEO of Hua Medicine; Carl Firth, CEO of ASLAN Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; Darren Ji, Global Head of Roche Partnering, Asia and Emerging Markets; Josh Berlin, Executive Director & Editor, New Ventures of BioCentury Publications Inc.; and Qiang Lu, VP and CSO of Gloria Pharmaceutical Company.

The BIO International Convention, to be held in Philadelphia June 15 – 18, attracts more than 15,000 scientists, biotech leaders and entrepreneurs to provide insights and inspirations on major trends in the industry. For more information about this session, visit https://mybio.org/event/member/162828.

WuXi’s SVP of International Discovery Service Unit, Dr. Richard Soll, will host another panel session at BIO called “The Revitalization of Neuroscience R&D”.  Click here to read more about it.