Significant advances have been made to unravel cancer’s mysteries and complexities at the genetic, molecular, and pathway levels. These advances not only reveal new scientific insights into the biology of the diseases, but also herald a new era with fresh perspectives for prevention, diagnosis, and more effective, precision-driven therapies. This was the focus of a recent dynamic global WuXi webinar, “Pioneering Approaches to Dismantling Cancer,” which drew more than 600 scientific and executive leaders from the pharma, biotech and the venture capital communities.

The webinar sparked a lively discussion about some of the most exciting developments and groundbreaking approaches to combat cancer, as well as some of the challenges we, as an industry, face bringing forward novel therapies to patients.  Our panelists – James Audia, CSO, Constellation Pharmaceuticals; Philip Gotwals, Executive Director, Exploratory Immuno-Oncology, Novartis Institutes of BioMedical Research; Jason Rhodes, Partner, Atlas Venture; and moderator Richard Soll, SVP, International Discovery Service Unit, WuXi AppTec – gave us an inside look at exciting breakthroughs in epigenetics, the latest happenings in immuno-oncology, and the venture capital landscape for promising cancer-based start-ups.

While many challenges are ahead, we are gaining a more detailed and fundamental insight that’s revealing new dimensions to dismantling cancer, and leading to new targets and pathways, and even combination therapies.

We hope to continue the conversation with our life science community to promote new thinking on a global stage as we strive to find better solutions for patients.  If you missed this exciting webinar, click here to listen.