WuXi’s EVP & COO Steve Yang was recently appointed as the new head of WuXi’s International Discovery Services Unit (IDSU).  He brings with him years of industry experience and expertise.  This summer, Steve has been visiting colleagues in the newly opened WuXi Boston office.  We had the opportunity to sit down with him to learn more about him and the future of IDSU.

What inspired you to join WuXi?

Steve: I am inspired by the vision of Dr. Ge Li, co-founder, chairman, and CEO of WuXi.  He wants to build an open access capability and technology platform to enable anyone and any company to discover and develop healthcare products to benefit patients.  I believe that my prior experience in managing global R&D portfolio, operation, and networks in Asia and Emerging Markets could contribute to WuXi’s future growth.

What are your roles at WuXi?

Steve: I am Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of WuXi. I have multiple responsibilities including operation support across sites in China, accountability for US Business Unit, and leadership of International Discovery Service Unit (IDSU).

What is the scope of services that International Discovery Services Unit (IDSU) provides to customers?

Steve: The mission of International Discovery Services Unit (IDSU) is to build capable teams and deliver comprehensive solutions in synthetic chemistry, medicinal chemistry design, and development candidate to clients around the globe.  Our services include synthetic chemistry execution, synthetic chemistry design, medicinal chemistry design, and program delivery.

What is unique about IDSU’s service platform?

Steve: We are proud to be the global leader in discovery chemistry outsourcing service in terms of our size, scale, depth, and breadth of chemistry expertise.

Can you provide us any insight into IDSU’s future directions for technology development and service offerings?

Steve: IDSU has evolved to become the largest capability and technology platform for discovery chemistry service in pharmaceutical and biotech industry.  We serve both major pharmaceutical companies as well as young and small biotech start-ups. We realize that one size does not fit all.  Therefore, we are developing a range of tailored solutions to address different needs of our customers.  We also continue to strengthen our technology capabilities to respond to the new challenges of discovery chemistry.

You recently visited the newly opened Boston office.  How was your visit?

Steve: I really like our new office in Cambridge!  It is conveniently located within walking distance of Kendall Square, close to many of our customers, partners, and stakeholders.  We have a strong and diverse team based in Boston area, representing WuXi’s major business units to engage and service our customers.  It is a great opportunity to be a member of Boston’s innovation community so more entrepreneurs, scientists can benefit from WuXi’s open access capability and technology platform.