Nascent Biotech Announces Orphan Drug Designation for Brain Cancer

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The FDA has awarded pritumumab Orphan drug designation for the treatment of brain cancer.  Brain cancer, especially glioblastoma is a rare and devastating cancer with poor prognosis. Pritumumab is a natural human antibody under development by the San Diego, CA-based biotech company, Nascent Biotech.  It targets altered tumor-associated vimentin, a form of vimentin that is expressed only on the cell surface of a variety of tumors, including brain cancers and melanoma, but not expressed by normal tissue and cells (PMID: 19996527). Various Phase II clinical trials in Japan with pritumumab have shown significantly better results compared with standard therapy.


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Hum Antibodies. 2009;18(4):127-37. PMID: 19996527

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