We are thrilled to partner with Schrödinger to create a powerful drug discovery engine running on a virtually-integrated, globally-distributed network through a new joint venture, Faxian Therapeutics.  The new venture will leverage the precision molecular design platforms developed by Schrödinger and accelerate them through partnership with the world-class lead optimization services provided by WuXi AppTec.

Headquartered in New York City, Faxian Therapeutics will identify opportunities where new insights into the chemistry and biology of a particular target and indication can be derived using the Schrödinger computational platform, and then uniquely enabled by integration into a rapid design-synthesize-test cycle implemented at WuXi AppTec. 

By combining the advanced computational platform and expertise in physics-based drug discovery at Schrödinger with the highly efficient chemistry, biology, and DMPK capabilities and technology platforms at WuXi AppTec, we will be able to significantly enable Schrödinger to accelerate new drug discovery and advance new therapies that can potentially improve the health of patients worldwide.

Official Press Release