SolaranRx’s SRX-1177 Receives FDA Orphan Drug Designation as Malignant Melanoma Treatment

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SolaranRx, a biotech company based in Albuquerque, NM has received FDA Orphan Drug Designation for its lead product, SRX-1177 for the treatment of stage IIB to IV malignant melanoma.  SRX-1177 is a radiolabeled peptide that selectively binds to melanocortin-1 (MC1) receptors over-expressed on about 80 percent of melanoma samples.  SRX-117 has the advantage of being both a diagnostic and a therapeutic agent (theranostic agent).  Patients are injected with SRX-1177 to determine suitability for treatment through a standard imaging scan. Therapeutic doses of SRX-1177 are then injected to deliver targeted radiation to kill cancer cells, with minimal impact on healthy cells.  Currently, there is no curative treatment for metastatic melanoma.  This drug offers the hope of a personalized treatment for this group of patients.


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