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We are pleased to announce the opening of our new commercial-scale cGMP biologics perfusion manufacturing facility in the city of Wuxi, China.

The $150 million commercial biologics manufacturing facility accommodates two 1000L disposable bioreactors for perfusion processes, and is the largest perfusion biologics manufacturing facility to date in Asia implementing disposable bioreactors.

This added capacity will support our robust biologics commercial manufacturing pipeline and enable WuXi to maintain its position as the premier biologics manufacturer in China as well as a leader worldwide. The new commercial biologics manufacturing facility will also address the needs of Chinese companies as the Marketing Authorization Holder (MAH) system is currently being piloted.

This new facility further strengthens WuXi Biologics’ capabilities in integrated biologics discovery, development, and manufacturing services. Through this new facility, we will continue to uphold the highest quality standards to expedite global development of biologics for both international and domestic clients.

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