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During Day two, we took a look at health beyond therapy alone. Tomorrow’s healthcare will go far further than prescribing drugs or performing surgery, it’s about bringing in the wider lens and tools to improve patient care. A new “networked ecosystem” will be built upon vertically elevating the industry’s strategy and horizontally harnessing our collective wisdom to break down silos, and act boldly on new thinking.

A Special Tribute to the Era of Transformation

From left to right: Mr. Greg Scott, Founder and CEO, ChinaBio; Dr. Jonathan Wang, Partner, OrbiMed; Founding Partner, OrbiMed Asia; Mr. William Keller, Chairman, Coland Pharmaceuticals; Dr. Li Chen, CEO, Hua Medicine; Dr. Chris Chen, CEO, WuXi Biologics

In the past 20 years, China emerged as a hub of innovation for the global healthcare industry. In the first session, industry veterans recalled their personal journeys during this exciting period. They explored factors that drove the growth of the Chinese biopharmaceutical industry. In addition to paying tribute to this era of transformation, the panelists also predicted that more innovative drugs and “best-in-class” drugs would come from China in the future.

The New Age of Global Innovation

From left to right: Mr. David Flores, Co-Founder, President and CEO, BioCentury;Dr. Dan Wang, Head of Johnson & Johnson Innovation, Asia Pacific; Dr. Curtis Keith, CSO, Blavatnik Biomedical Accelerator, Harvard University; Dr. Robert S. Sullivan, Dean, Rady School of Management, UC San Diego; Dr. Toshio Fujimoto, General Manager, Takeda Shonan Innovation Park, Takeda; Ms. Sophie Sun, Managing Director, Merck Innovation Hub China 

The panelists in this session are heads of innovation centers sponsored by leading universities and major pharmaceutical companies. They gave their perspectives on various topics such as the criteria to choose a scientific project for further development and the most exciting projects in their pipelines.  These leaders noted that the willingness to collaborate with every member of the ecosystem was very important, and worked as the key to innovation in the current environment,

The New Healthcare Ecosystem – Perspectives from the Financial Markets

From left to right: Mr. Ken Hitchner, Chairman and CEO, Asia Pacific Ex-Japan, Goldman Sachs; Dr. Yibing Wu, Joint Head, Enterprise Development Group & Head, China, Temasek

Asia Pacific is one of the most dynamic and culturally diverse regions in the world. It has 60% of the world population, huge unmet health needs, and accounts for a large portion of future global economic growth. What is the role that the capital market plays in the new healthcare system? The panelists believed that financing is uniquely important to the healthcare industry. Financing is important for biotech startups before they go profitable, and they advised young companies to be meticulous about their balance sheet and cash flows. They also expressed optimism about the Chinese healthcare market.

The Healthcare Disruption

From left to right: Mr. Feng Deng, Founding Managing Director, Northern Light Venture Capital;Mr. Andy Lin, Founding Partner, Loyal Valley Capital; Mr. Lee Ligang Zhang, Founder, Chairman and CEO, iKang Healthcare Group; Dr. Jiangnan Cai, Director, CEIBS Centre for Health Care Management and Policy; Dr. Bin Li, Partner and Managing Director, Ally Bridge Group

Disruptive solutions can generate transformative changes in the healthcare system. However, how can we create a robust environment generating disruptive healthcare solutions? The experts in the panel discussed different approaches that could drive innovations in technologies, business models and government policies.

Balancing Medical Innovation and Access

From left to right:  Dr. Wilson Zhang, Chief Strategy Officer, WuXi AppTec;Dr. Rong Yu, Chairman, Meinian Onehealth Healthcare Group; Chairman, Tianyi Investment Group; Dr. Guang Ning, Vice President, Ruijin Hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University; Mr. Chunpeng Hao, Deputy Secretary-General, China Health Insurance Research Association; Mr. Qingfeng Zhai, Senior Executive, China Life Reinsurance Company

Developing novel treatments for diseases could be partial in solving healthcare problems in the world. The other side of the coin is that accessibility and affordability of new therapies are always limiting the population of patients who can benefit from the novel therapies. In this session, experts from hospitals and insurance companies offered their suggestions on new strategies and models that may alleviate patients’ financial burden.

Deliver Clinical Precision through Genomics

From left to right: Dr. Sijia Lu, CEO, Yikon Genomics; Dr. Wenhao Zhou, VP, Children’s Hospital of Fudan University; Dr. Gang Chen, CEO, WeGene; Dr. Kai Wang, Founder and CEO, OrigiMed; Dr. Rob Brainin, CEO, WuXi NextCODE

Mature diagnostics are integral to precision medicine. This session in the afternoon delved into the field of clinical diagnostics. Panelists discussed the application of next-generation sequencing in newborn screening, clinical genetic diagnostics, and personalized genomic testing.

Diagnosing the Future

From left to right: Dr. Jason Liu, CEO, WuXi Diagnostics;Dr. William Morice, President, Mayo Clinic Laboratories; Dr. Daozhi Liu, Founding Partner, Sunland Capital; Mr. Martien van Osch, Managing Partner, Forbion; Mr. Yaoyi Zhu, Chairman, IVD Branch, China Association for Medical Devices Industry

Advanced clinical diagnostics grew rapidly in recent years, and has become a key part of precision medicine. In this session, panelists reflected upon the most exciting developments of diagnostics in recent years and identified key ingredients for successfully developing clinical diagnostics. They also shared their opinions on the emerging opportunities in the field of diagnostics.

“Do’s and Don’ts of Internet Healthcare Industry Development”

Dr. Stanley Li, Chairman and President, DXY

Dr. Stanley Li gave a brief introduction of DXY and explained the key ingredients for creating a successful internet platform that provides healthcare services. He emphasized that we should focus on delivering contents related to human health, improving the quality of services, and providing comfort and support for patients.

The Data Inspiration

From left to right: Dr. Hong Li, Vice President, Digital China Health Technologies; Mr. Tony Zhang, Founder and CEO, LinkDoc Technology; Mr. Andy Liu, CEO, CW Data Technologies; Dr. Choo Chiap Chiau, AI Lab Director, Philips Research Asia

Data is central to drug discovery and the development of novel diagnostics. In this session, panelists discussed ways to improve data collection and to break down the data silos. They also addressed the questions about data ownership and shared their views on building up a data-driven healthcare system in the future.

The Patient Care Revolution

From left to right: Ms. Xinxin Gao, CEO and Founding Partner, Jiangmen; Mr. Meng Zhang, General Manager, Tencent Health; Mr. Ning Hou, COO, XiKang; Dr. Xiaodong Tao, Vice President of iFlytek; CEO of iFlytek Healthcare; Ms. Fay Xing, CEO, PICA Health

The revolution in healthcare is being led by patients, who are now more empowered than ever. They are demanding more choices and transparency. In the last session of the forum, the panelists discussed how we could use AI, machine learning, and other technologies to transform public health.

Dr. Ge Li, Chairman of the WuXi AppTec Group

Dr. Ge Li, Chairman of the WuXi AppTec Group, delivered the closing remarks, and drew the forum to a perfect end.

The CEO Roundtable and the parallel sessions

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