We are thrilled to announce that we have acquired Crelux GmbH, a leading structure based drug discovery provider based in Munich, Germany. The addition of Crelux enhances WuXi’s structure-based drug discovery capabilities and establishes WuXi research facilities within Europe.

Crelux was founded in 2005 and has its laboratories at the Innovation Center for Biotechnology (IZB) in Martinsried, Germany. As a global leader in structure-based drug discovery, Crelux has been providing the drug discovery industry with highly individualized and efficient solutions to inform and accelerate their programs for more than a decade. Crelux provides a number of customized services to support hit-finding, conformational analysis and lead optimization, including protein production, biophysical assays, fragment screening, and X-ray crystallography.

The acquisition represents a further step in the growing European presence of WuXi and reaffirms WuXi’s strong commitment to better serving and interacting with European customers. It provides a solid foundation for WuXi to expand its integrated drug discovery services within Europe.


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