We are very pleased to share with you exciting news that marks another step towards the realization of WuXi’s vision: to provide cutting edge technology that enables anyone and any company to discover and develop new healthcare products to benefit patients.  We have acquired NextCODE Health, a leading genomic analysis and bioinformatics company with operations in the United States and Iceland.  We plan to merge NextCODE Health and WuXi’s Genome Center into a new company to be named WuXi NextCODE Genomics.  The business will be headquartered in Shanghai, with operations in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Reykjavik, Iceland.

NextCODE is a spinoff of deCODE genetics after the latter was acquired by Amgen in December 2012. NextCODE holds an exclusive license to the sequence-based clinical diagnostic applications and genome analysis technology pioneered at deCODE for analyzing 350,000 whole genome sequences in Iceland.  NextCODE has the world’s leading sequence analysis platform, proven in diagnostics, drug discovery and development, and in research.

This acquisition lays the groundwork for the creation of an integrated global enterprise with unique advantages for applying genomics to medicine.  It broadens and enhances WuXi’s existing genomic laboratory services for biopharmaceutical research and clinical development, as well as NextCODE’s unique capabilities in genome analysis.  It provides global commercial customers of both entities with comprehensive genomic and bioinformatic capabilities, from CLIA-certified whole genome and whole exome sequencing to the analysis and interpretation of that sequencing data necessary to provide effective diagnosis and treatment.

This acquisition also represents an important step forward in WuXi’s development and an important new facet to our business. This acquisition will enable us not only to serve our customers better, but also to broaden our customer base to doctors and patients.  This is very important for WuXi’s vision to enable anyone and any company to discover and develop healthcare products to benefit patients.


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