In March 2013, WuXi and Open Monoclonal Technology, Inc. (OMT), an innovator in novel transgenic animals for development of human therapeutic antibodies, announced a second agreement that expands WuXi’s use of OMT’s OmniRat™ and OmniMouse™ technologies and strengthens the development and commercial opportunities for WuXi’s Asian regional and global clients.

WuXi is the first and currently the only company authorized by OMT to host OmniRat™ in China. This transaction advances WuXi’s goal of working with skilled partners to enhance the company’s technologies and capabilities to better serve its customers. The OmniRat™ platform has now been duplicated at WuXi’s Shanghai facility, enabling WuXi to generate antibodies for customers from its own laboratories.

Under the new agreement, WuXi’s clients can choose to develop and commercialize products globally or regionally in China, Korea, Japan or other Asian countries. “This new agreement allows WuXi to further expand its service offerings with the OmniRat™ and OmniMouse™ platforms,” said Edward Hu, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of WuXi. “WuXi is proud of the confidence OMT has shown in the quality of WuXi’s antibody research capabilities and intellectual property protection practices in authorizing WuXi to host the OmniRat™ and OmniMouse™ platforms in our laboratories.”