We are excited about WuXi’s Laboratory Testing Division (LTD)’s new exclusive distributor agreement with AutoGenomics, a U.S.-based molecular diagnostic BioFilmChip® microarray platform company with a current menu of 65 tests.

Under the partnership, LTD will manufacture, register and distribute AutoGenomics’ INFINITI® molecular diagnostic systems and related reagent and consumable products in China. The two companies will also collaborate to develop and commercialize new testing solutions that are specifically designed for China’s healthcare market. This will give Chinese patients, doctors and pharmaceutical companies more convenient access to world-leading high precision, high sensitivity and highly efficient clinical diagnostic tests.

The collaboration is a milestone event for LTD, and an important step forward for WuXi’s in vitro diagnostic business. We will continue to expand our collaboration and introduce more advanced technologies to China into the future. Through these partnerships, we will also continue to help advance precision medicine and personalized treatments by introducing more cutting edge technologies, accelerating science from research bench to hospital beds, and ultimately benefiting the general public.

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