We are delighted to announce that WuXi Corporate Venture Fund has made an investment in TruTag.  In addition, WuXi and TruTag will explore collaborations to offer WuXi’s global customers the TruTag on-dose authentication solution to help prevent counterfeiting and to enhance drug safety.

TruTag microtags (“TruTags®”) are inert and edible and can integrate into the fabric of a product without packaging or labels – much like fingerprints on a human being – for the authentication of food, drugs, electronics, consumer products, and industrial components. Millions of optical patterns can be embedded into a TruTag, a dust-sized particle smaller than the width of a human hair.  Using this technology, brand owners, including pharmaceutical companies, will be able to field-read finished tablets circulating in the wholesale and retail market to determine the authenticity and provenance of medicines, including detailed information such as site and date of manufacture, lots, and other critical data.

This innovative technology is an important new weapon in fighting the growing global problem of counterfeit drugs.  We are very pleased to invest in this cutting-edge technology to explore its further development to enhance patient safety and protect our customers’ intellectual property.

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