Every year, Israeli and global industry leaders converge to Israel for Israel’s single largest life science event  IATI BIOMED to learn, network and collaborate (May 24-26, 2016).  The role of innovation as a driver for economic growth and development has long been recognized in Israel, also known as the Start-Up Nation. This, combined with a world-class education system, is starting to pay substantial dividends through the formation of large numbers of innovation-driven companies across many market sectors. In life sciences, this center of creativity increasingly attracts global investment and partnering opportunities placing Israel as one of the richest sources of life science innovation in the world.

WuXi  is excited to take part in the development of health care products for patients discovered through Israeli science. WuXi representatives from Lab Testing, Discovery, Medical Device, API Development and Manufacturing and WuXi NextCODE will be coming in from all our global locations to present and discuss possible collaborations.

Please be sure to find us at Booth 43 and chat with us!

We are also proud to host a luncheon at this year’s BioMed in Tel Aviv on May 25th to discuss the drivers for the growing enthusiasm of international organizations to access life science innovation in Israel.

Guest speakers:

  • Dong Wu, Head of Innovation China, Johnson & Johnson
  • Ran Nussbaum, Partner, Pontifax Venture Capital

Contact us at communications@wuxiapptec.com to learn more about the luncheon.