We are excited to announce that we have launched a mobile version of OncoWuXi, the first app in the world to allow researchers to access oncology models and data on the go. The OncoWuXi App helps WuXi’s client anywhere and at any time to identify relevant tumor models for use in anti-tumor efficacy testing to facilitate oncology drug discovery and translational oncology, as well as to keep up-to-date on WuXi’s capabilities and services in this area. The app provides users with a portable oncology database for selection and inquiry of the more than 1,000 cancer patient-derived xenograft (PDX), human cancer cell-derived xenograft (CDX), and syngeneic mouse tumor models available at WuXi.

Beginning with WuXi V-Lab, the first mobile app available to the global research community in need of small-molecule compound synthesis, which we launched earlier this year, and now with OncoWuXi App, we are striving to enable our customers to access our platform capabilities and technologies more quickly and easily.

OncoWuXi App can be used on either Apple or Android devices and is available for download at both the Apple App store and Google Play. For an Android device, OncoWuXi App can be downloaded at http://onco.wuxiapptec.com/oncowuxi.apk. Visit http://onco.wuxiapptec.com for web-based version.


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