We are pleased to share with you that we have entered into a strategic collaboration with Eli Lilly and Company to develop, manufacture and commercialize a novel small molecule in China that could address cardiovascular risk in patients with dyslipidemia.  An estimated 276 million patients in China are affected by these conditions, including about 12 million patients requiring drug treatment. The potential medicine, discovered by Lilly, aims to reduce cardiovascular events in patients with elevated LDL cholesterol and triglycerides at high risk of cardiovascular events.

WuXi will be responsible for regulatory, development and manufacturing activities in China, which will be led and coordinated by WuXi’s Product Development Service and Partnership (PDSP) Business Unit. The potential medicine will be manufactured in China by WuXi. Lilly will be responsible for commercial activities.  The parties will both invest in bringing this potential new medicine to patients in China.

This unique collaboration will leverage the recently announced China regulatory reforms, which strongly encourage, support, and accelerate development and manufacture in China of highly innovative new medicines that target major unmet medical needs.


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