We are excited to share with you that our wholly owned subsidiary, WuXi NextCODE, has teamed up with Children’s Hospital of Fudan University (CHFU) to take the lead in rare disease diagnosis, care and research in China and offer patients in China world-class testing by bringing WuXi NextCODE’s renowned genomic testing and analysis capabilities directly into clinical use for the first time in China.  CHFU will be able to offer Chinese rare disease patients the same sequence-based diagnostics now available to patients in the United States and Europe through partners including Boston Children’s Hospital and Genomics England.  CHFU, which, sees as many as 7000 outpatients every day, can now rapidly scale up sequence-based testing to resolve more undiagnosed cases.  This partnership will build on CHFU’s preeminence in pediatrics to begin immediately to deliver benefits to thousands of rare disease patients across China.

WuXi NextCODE’s aim is to bring its technology into clinic to deliver precision medicine to patients in every market worldwide.  We are thrilled to put the best technology in the hands of the doctors and scientists to give thousands of young patients and their families the best diagnostics and treatment options for inherited rare disorders.


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