WuXi STA’s Couvet Site Honors World Recycling Day

WuXi STA’s Couvet Site Honors World Recycling Day

March 18 is World Recycling Day. WuXi STA’s Couvet site recently honored this day with a special
program designed to help employees understand how the site is working to reduce waste and to share
opportunities for them to contribute to these efforts.

Jean-Marc Prêtre, Senior Manager, EHS, spoke to employees about the various initiatives that WuXi STA is taking across the Couvet site. Each employee received a reusable cup made from 100% recycled
materials, serving as both a reminder of the day’s events and a tangible way for them to begin
contributing to reducing waste right away. Employees also participated in an onsite clothing drive, with
donations going to benefit disadvantaged individuals in the local community.

Being a good corporate citizen is a responsibility we take seriously. The actions that WuXi STA’s Couvet
site is taking, that all our sites around the world are taking, are part of our shared commitment to
building a better, more sustainable company.

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