We held the complimentary webinar to offer insights into working in China, an operating environment that has remained a mystery to many despite its status as one of the industry’s most important markets.

Accessing China for R&D, drug development, clinical trials and product registration requires a detailed, sophisticated understanding of the region and its regulations. These regulations continue to evolve, presenting an additional complexity. Working with a partner that is well-established in China and stays abreast of regulatory developments can help companies overcome some of these challenges.

The need for greater understanding of how to work in China was shown clearly by the number of people registering to attend the webinar. More than 500 people signed up to view the event. The attendees gained insights into the best practices a leading biotech, pharmaceutical company and CRO use in China to navigate local regulatory systems from preclinical through to product registration. We would like to thank our partners at Celgene, Merck and PRA for taking the time to share their knowledge at the session, and invite you to view a replay of the webinar.