WuXi Receives Merck Awards for Achieving Team Milestones

We are honored to be named a finalist in the 2016 Scrip Awards for Best Partnership Alliance for our collaboration with Eli Lilly to develop, manufacture, and commercialize a small-molecule drug candidate for Chinese patients with dyslipidemia. The potential first-in-class medicine aims to reduce cardiovascular events in patients with elevated LDL cholesterol and triglycerides at high risk of cardiovascular events. An estimated 276 million patients in China are affected by these conditions, including about 12 million patients requiring drug treatment. The mortality rate due to cardiovascular disease (CVD) in China is amongst the highest in the world (over 40%), and has been described as an epidemic.

The Best Partnership Alliance category recognizes the importance of pharmaceutical and/or biotech companies working together to develop new medicines, and seeks to reward innovative partnerships between companies in which they share the risks and rewards inherent in developing new drugs.

Under the strategic collaboration, WuXi will be responsible for regulatory, development, and manufacturing activities in China, which will be led and coordinated by WuXi’s Product Development Service and Partnership (PDSP) Business Unit. The potential medicine will be manufactured in China by WuXi to support China development. Eli Lilly will be responsible for commercial activities. An investigational new drug (IND) application will be filed in China by WuXi, and product development and registration will be carried out within China.

Through their pioneering efforts, WuXi and Eli Lilly strive to bring the highest level of medical innovation to Chinese patients, who currently have had little access to new, affordable medicines available in other parts of the world, including the United States and Europe. This strategic collaboration will leverage the recently announced China regulatory reforms, which strongly encourage, support, and accelerate development and manufacture in China of highly innovative new medicines that target major unmet medical needs.

WuXi’s deep knowledge of the complex and fast evolving local regulatory environment, health care system, and clinical research landscape in China can help its collaborators such as Eli Lilly maximize the value of their innovations and ultimately deliver effective new medicines to benefit patients in China.

The Scrip Awards applaud the life science industry’s highest achievers across all parts of the value chain, from big pharma, to biotech companies and CROs, as well as novel deals, new drugs, and technological breakthroughs in clinical trials. The Scrip Awards will be announced on November 30 during a ceremony in London.


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